KIRKOR’s success is informed and driven by the talents of our growing studio. Our firm strongly believes in the ability for young architects and designers to be responsible for complex projects. We encourage leadership through continuous mentoring. We foster exploration and questioning. And just as importantly, we develop the skills required to build support around their ideas. Design solutions are strengthened when we can inspire others to believe in them. It requires a continual process of guidance, collaboration, and re-evaluation. This is how we achieve consensus around designs that can be ultimately executed into form. Building on 35 years of architectural practice, there is an increasingly deep, collective knowledge base in the studio that crosses the many aspects and disciplines of our work today. This is where the growth of our firm resides. And it is essential to the emerging diversity and ever-growing complexity of what we do. We are evolving as a studio. We are forging new paths. And together we are leading the field to exciting new possibilities.